Brakes + co.

Brakes + co.

There are three different versions of brakes for BMX bikes. Most common are U-brakes. For them the frame and/or fork need to have weld-on u-brake lugs. Race BMX bikes have V-brakes. They also need special lugs, but these are welded to the frame on a lower position. The better leverage puts more pressure on the brakepads. For Freestyle bikes they don't work very well, as they are in the way and not very durable. The classic brake is called Caliper brake, which is attached with its middle axle. Therefore you only need a hole in the fork crown and the rear brake bridge. Brakelevers are available as versions for left and right. Better levers have a hinge system, so they can be replaced without having to take the grips off. Most brakepads are for screw-on brakes, only a few special brakes like the DiaCompe AD 990 need receptacle pads. The softer the brakepads are, the better they work, but the less long they last. Clear colored brakepads are very soft most if the time, while black ones are harder. Brakecables are available with regular spiral housings or as linear version. Linear cables still work when the cables are bent or wraped around your stem. And if you want to spin your bars a lot, without having to worry, you need a gyro and gyro-cables. Please choose from one of the following categories:


Brakelever Dia-Compe Tech77 Potts 182S

Dia-Compe Tech 77 Potts 182S with spring-loaded locking screw

20,95 EUR
20,95 EUR per Stk
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Gyro Tabs Vocal
One pair of removeable gyro tabs, incl. screws
8,95 EUR
8,95 EUR per Paar
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Brake Lever Set Dia-Compe MX-122

classic light old-school style BMX lever

22,95 EUR
22,95 EUR per Paar
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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