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Return Policy



Customers may return merchandise within a two week time-period after the original purchase. Customers may revoke their order by submitting a written statement (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or returning the merchandise to 360 Grad Sportshop. The period allotted may set in no earlier than at the date of purchase. In order to excercise the right of revocation, customers need to mail their statement or the merchandise at the final day of the given time-period at the latest. All revocations are to be mailed to: 

Thomas Stellwag, 360 Grad Sportshop, Buchenstr.6b - 85716 Lohhof; Tel.: +49(89)3171866, Fax: +49(89)31770585, e-mail:



Revocation Consequences



In the event of a valid revocation each party shall return to the respective other party the benefits received. Customers are obliged to pay value replacement, if the merchandise is not returned as delivered. This obligation does not come into effect, if the customer is to keep the merchandise and the merchandise was only inspected as if purchased in a retail store. Customers may avoid this obligaton by not using merchandise as if it is already in their possession and refraining from any actions that may lessen the mechandise’s value. Any mechandise that can be shipped as a parcel must be returned in the case of revocation. Customers are obliged to pay for any postage, if the delivered merchandise accords to the ordered merchandise, or if at the time of revocation no payments were made to 360 Grad Sportshop. Elsewise the return shippment does not have to be paid for by the customer. Merchandise that cannot be shipped as a parcel will be picked up by 360 Grad Sportshop. Customers have to fullfill liabilities for the return of payments within 30 days of the posting of their revocation.