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Tire Fly Bikes Fuego

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Devon Smillie always was a fan of FLYBIKES’ Ruben tire. His new “Fuego” signature tire has the same legendary tread pattern, but with changes to make it more street focused. The side wall is from a harder compound and for extra grind-protection, FLYBIKES revives the “Protection Line” from the very first Ruben tire. Furthermore there’s a tear resistant inner layer for extra durability and strength.

"The main goal for the "Fuego" tire was to create the most durable tire possible while still keeping the weight to a minimum, we searched the latest technologies to help achieve these three key features.
1. Although chances are slim that the “Fuego” tire will ever see 120 PSI in its lifetime, by using a new unique technology the tire can accept extremely high pressures, but also, due to its heavy-duty construction remain extremely stiff at the lower pressures that Devon runs.
2. Another feature that’s often overlooked is the addition of reinforcement at the tires bead contact surface area to help avoid pinch-flats. Devon’s “Fuego” tire has this.
3. And finally, the surface on a street tire that gets the most abuse, “the sidewall”. First up, we used a significantly harder compound rubber that has the perfect combination of properties for superior strength, unmatched durability, while still remaining flexible and lite. Last but not least, we brought back our original “protection line”, featured on Rubens first signature tire, which helps protect the tires sidewall during grinds and other street abuse.

"I'm really hyped with how the "Fuego" tire came out, its exactly what I want in a tire. I love how we took the O.G. Ruben tire and transformed it into a street version. The smooth compact tread gives it a buttery feel when cruising and is super grippy in the streets. We also added the "protection line" that was on the original Ruben tire to help keep a distance off the tires sidewall while grinding, giving the tire a better chance of lasting longer." - Devon Smillie "