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Rahmen Kink Solace III Tony Hamlin Sig.

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- Tony Hamlin Signature Brakeless Rahmen
- Kettenstrebenlänge: 13.2" Slammed
- BB Höhe: 11.75"
- Standover (Rahmenhöhe): 8.75"
- Steuerrohrwinkel: 75.5°
- Sattelrohrwinkel: 71°
- Material: 100 % Seamless Sanko 4130 Chromoly
- von innen und außen bearbeitetes Mid BB Lagergehäuse
- integriertes Campy Spec Steuerrohr
- integrierte Sattelklemme
- breite Streben für dicke Reifen
- integrierte Kettenspanner
- CNC gefräste Dropouts
- Unterrohr-Gusset mit KINK Logo
- Brakeless Rahmen, kann nicht mit Bremse gefahren werden
- Gewicht: 2.2 kg (20.5")

"Built to Tony Hamlin’s specifications, his new and improved signature Solace III frame is designed with geometry for today’s modern riding styles. Now featuring 2 brand new colorways and a 13.2" chainstay. The Solace III is made from 100% Seamless Sanko tubing, and features a downtube gusset to deal with additional abuse. The 75.5° headtube angle gives the frame a responsive front end, making it perfect for front end tricks. Also to Tony’s spec’s, this frame is totally brakeless and does not feature any brake mounts, cable stops or gyro tab holes. Integrated chain tensioners and seat clamp also add to the frame’s convenience."