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Rahmen Fit Hartbreaker

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Chris Harti Signature Rahmen
Made in USA
Butted Supertherm Oberrohr
Straight Gauge Supertherm Unterrohr
Double Gussets
leicht verjüngte Sattelstreben
leicht verjüngte, 1-fach gebogene Kettenstreben
passend für 2.4" Reifen (slammed)
Double Butted Sattelrohr
längere Schlitze in den Dropouts
geschweißte Bremssockel an den Kettenstreben
Bremskabelführung durch das Sattelrohr (mit Gewinde für Stellschraube)
Zwei geschweißte Bremskabelführungen am Unterrohr
geprägtes Key Logo am Steuerrohr

Oberrohrlänge: 21", 21.125", 21.5"
Hinterbaulänge: 13.8"-14.5"
Steuerrohrwinkel: 74.5°
Sattelrohrwinkel: 71°
Tretlager-Höhe: 11.35"
Standover (Rahmenhöhe): 9.15"
Steuerrohr: für integrierten Steuersatz
Tretlager: Mid BB
Dropouts: 14mm, 3/16" dünn, 4Q Baked
Bremssockel: geschweißte Bremssockel an den Kettenstreben
Sattelklemme: -
Sattelstangendurchmesser: 25.4mm
21": 2.35 kg
21.125": 2.37 kg
21.5": 2.4 kg

The Hartbreaker is Chris Harti’s long, low and laid back shred sled designed for going fast and big at the trails with stability. Cable routing thru the seat tube keeps your straddle hanger from slapping your down tube and works really well on this frame since the chain stays are pretty long. The 14mm drop out slot instead of the traditional 3/8” trail frame slot allow you a larger variety of affordable rear hubs to choose from. Single bend chain stays, straight stay bridges and lack of welded on seat clamp are all classic touches on this modern frame designed for timeless BMX riding.
"If you like travelling at high speeds and pulling back as hard as you possibly can while being in control, then the Hartbreaker might be the frame for you. It features a mellow 74.5° head tube, a low 11.35” BB height, and a nice 9.15” standover to match. Top it all off with a longer back-end you can trust and you got yourself a machine that’s ready for roasting, Oh! I had to make sure she was built like an ox too." - Chris Harti